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We represent individuals and companies in complex national and international white collar proceedings, administrative law procedures and criminal matters. Moreover, we support victims of crimes before criminal and administrative law authorities (e.g. in the case of allegations of fraud, money-laundering offences).

We advise on the implications of violations of the law and on how to react to them in order to protect your reputation by applying an individual crisis management framework. We conduct investigations to explore suspected fraudulent behavior and potential criminal acts. Furthermore, we defend your interests if you are subject to enforcement measures related to international mutual legal and administrative assistance. We also lead cross-border proceedings and assist in legal proceedings within an international framework.

US China Abkommen

Remy Zgraggen describes in his publication, how the FATF recommendations have been implemented in Swiss AML regulation. 

Read here how mutual legal assistance between Switzerland and Asian countries, in particular China and Japan, works. 



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