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Financial Market Law

Establishing and running a business in the highly regulated financial market can be overwhelming.

We advise and represent Swiss and foreign financial market participants such as banks, insurances, securities firms, asset managers, trustees, fintechs, insurtechs and startups in regulatory, supervisory and contractual matters and licensing procedures before Swiss supervisory authorities or self-regulatory organizations.

We draft contracts and documentation and advise on regulatory, aml, cross-border and crypto compliance.

With a hands-on approach tailored to your specific needs, we can help you navigate these complex challenges and look forward to supporting you.

Please contact us without obligation for an initial consultation.

Financial Market Law: Willkommen

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The era of FinTech Banks

Watch in this video what Lea Hungerbühler and other discussion members say about the future of banking in Switzerland.

Dr. Remy Zgraggen explains here how smart insurance contracts based on virtual currencies are treated by the regulators.

Lea Hungerbühler argues here that a national sandbox is not enough for Swiss FinTech companies to grow and she speaks up for international efforts enabling cross-border business. 

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Insurance Distribution in Liechtenstein under IDD

Remy Zgraggen describes in his publication, how the requirements under IDD can be met for online insurance services, such as chatbots or robo-advisory.

Revoked EU equivalence for Swiss exchanges & Swiss countermeasure

The EU revoked the positive equivalence decision for Swiss exchanges mid-2019. Read here what this means for the Swiss financial market and what counter-measures the Federal Council implemented.

In her article for, Lea Hungerbühler explains why the new Swiss regulatory framework (FIDLEG / FINIG) might not be enough to get access to the EU market based on an equivalence assessment. 

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FIDLEG / FINIG - Which deadlines and transitional provisions apply?

As of 1 January 2020, FIDLEG / FINIG entered into force. For various provisions, e.g. client segmentation, transitional periods of up to three years apply. Our article shows in detail, at what point you have to comply with which provision:
PDF (English)
PDF (Deutsch)

Green Finance - an Opportunity for Switzerland

Climate change and climate risks seem threatening to our society and economy. Read here how financial intermediaries can deal with these risks and what opportunities may be used:
PDF (English)
PDF (Deutsch)

FINMA License for Portfolio Managers: Current Status

Our partner Lea Hungerbühler describes the opportunities and challenges of the new licensing requirement in her commentary in the Handelszeitung. 

Read the article here.

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Are you a Swiss asset manager wondering what to do next under FIDLEG / FINIG?
Check out our step-by-step guide!
PDF (English)
PDF (Deutsch)

Banking in the cloud - Your Check List

Are you a Swiss financial intermediary and you are wondering whether you can use cloud services? Have a look at our check lists:
PDF (English)
PDF (Deutsch)

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