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Our Expertise

We are committed to provide you with high quality legal advice and

representation in the following areas of the law:

EXPERTISE: Tätigkeiten

Financial Regulation

We advise insurance, banking and tech start-ups in corporate and regulatory matters. FIDLEG/FINIG, applying for a license with FINMA or compliance with AML or data protection rules - navigating through the requirements of financial regulation is challenging. We share your passion for entrepreneurship and help you deal with any legal issues that prevent you from moving forward.

Trading Floor

Employment & Immigration Law

Our advisors support you as an employee or employer in case of legal issues. We help you find mutual agreements or to bring a challenge to court if needed. 

We further support you with any questions related to immigration law - be it with the issuance of a work permit, change of permits or representation in case of a potential withdrawal of your permit.

Junge Geschäftsfrauen

Corporate Law

We support you from the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. Together, we find out what entity is most suitable for you (corporation, LLC, association, foundation, etc.) and we guide you through the incorporation process. We help you draft contracts such as partnership or share purchase agreements, and we assist you in fundraising rounds as well as any other corporate law matters.

Signing a Contract

Administrative & Criminal Proceedings

As experienced criminal defenders and litigators before administrative courts, we represent you in criminal and administrative proceedings before Swiss authorities and courts. We will establish a litigation strategy together and stand up for your rights.
We may represent you in case of a criminal charge on cantonal or national level as well as in administrative procedures.

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Human Rights Litigation

We are committed not only to make a change for our clients, but also for society. We are striving to litigate with a view to a greater impact and to enhance access to justice. Our experts have extensive experience with human rights law litigation, specifically in the area of immigration & refugee law, as well as with detention and family separation cases.

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